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Backcountry Fishing for Tarpon-Permit-Bonefish-Sharks

Visual: Bonefish are torpedo shaped with silvery muscular bodies. They have large black lines between their scales on the top of their bodies. Their heads are scale less and their snouts are tipped with black and a small mouth. Their dorsal fins are sail shaped and their tails deeply forked helping them dart quickly across the flats or mangrove lines. They can live up to 19 years and in average are about 1.4 feet in length and 2 pounds.
Bonefish are inshore fish. As adults they are found in the flats, on grassy beds, sandy bottoms, and sometimes hard bottoms. They may also be found near shallow mangrove lines. The best time of the year to search for these ghost fish is anywhere from April to November in the early morning or late afternoon.
Diet: Live shrimp and Crabs. They also respond to flies and lures. Chumming with shrimp can also be alluring to the bonefish.

The Fight: Bone fish are known as the “Gray Ghosts of the Flats” and have been given this title for good reason. They are extremely skittish fish and dart so quickly when spooked that you may only see a flash of silver through the water. For this reason it is important to pole the flats boat through the shallow flats in order to sneak up on these nervous fish. Also, cautious casting is necessary, if too close the bone fish will dart away but if to far the bait will go un noticed. Once hooked the bone fish will dart for deeper water. This is when proper 10 pound test is most efficient so it can handle being dragged across the rocky sanctuary the bonefish seeks. The bone fish is a great sport fish due to their wily nature and tenacious spirit and challenging behavior.

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