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The Permit (Trachinotus falcatus) is one of the most sought after fish in the flats of the Florida Keys and Key West. With their incredible eye sight and picky eating habits, they are also one of the more difficult fish to catch.Flats+fishing+charter+captain+Nat+sampson
Once you hook up to a Permit, all the hours and days of stalking them pay off instantly with fight that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping and arms shaking.


Visual: Permit are grey and light blue in color, with silvery sides and yellow or gold bellies and breasts. Their faces are rounded with large eyes and large nostrils located above their lower jaw. They have a dorsal fin and a matching anal fin that are cycle shaped and large V-shaped tails. Common size is 10- 25 pounds.

Location : Found most frequently scouring the flats in search of food, in Turtle Grass and sand flats. Dorsal fins are usually seen protruding out of the water during these in shore instances. They may also be found off shore in deep water on wrecks and rock piles. They are in both the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico and most abundant in the Florida Keys.
The best time to search for these allusive fighters is near full or new moons during all the months of the year especially March and April.

Diet: Crabs (mostly Blue) and shrimp, small fish and clams

The Fight: Known as the “The Allusive”, Trachinotus Falcutus, Permit are known to put up a good fight. Their large eyes gives them spectacular vision both in and above of the water, therefore it is important to be quiet and cautious when approaching them.
Once hooked they will dart in many different directions giving the angler a challenge. Fast runs are permit’s specialty, so one can expect to have a great time capturing this bullet of a fish. They are one of the top sports fish in the Florida Keys because pound for pound they are one the planets strongest fish, keeping their rounded heads down and using their wide bodies for strength as they make continuous runs through the water.

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